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University of Sharjah College Of Sharia and Islamic Studies | Prof. Abdelaziz Dakhane

Prof. Abdelaziz Dakhane

- Professor & Head Department @ Foundations of Religion -
 adakhan@sharjah.ac.ae |   0097165050166
Specialization : Hadith and Exegesis
University of Sharjah


  • Anonymous rated Prof. Abdelaziz Dakhane as Bellow Average

    He does not inform students about the exam format clearly. He does not answer students' questions regarding the importance of certain details in the exam. The course materials were very detailed, n the students had asked him whether they needed to know the names of every narrator etc, and he just replied that everything is important. Midterms it turns out the names and a lot of details weren't tested. I wish these professors would understand the amount of unhealthy pressure they put us under. For coursework, he expected us to do a presentation on a particular hadeeth. He cuts into ur presentation a lot to elaborate or correct ur points. For finals he told us that we have to study the presentations our coursemates had presented as well, but he didnt even give us the corrected versions of those presentations! Just about 2 weeks before finals began one of our classmates sent the original, unedited presentations. Very unprofessional unfortunately. It seems like there is a lack of planning in terms of the SOW. This resulted in a last minute assignment before finals and poorly structured lessons. It didnt seem like there was a goal set each lesson.

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